Himalayan salt stone massage – Effective body soothing therapy

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Containing up to 84 types of minerals useful to the human body, Himalayan rock salt is increasingly proving its great role and use in health care and beauty. Besides products such as foot salt stones, exfoliating salt stone powder, there are also salt stones used for relaxing massage and dispelling fatigue.

Uses of Himalayan salt stone massage helps support and improve:

– Helps treat bone and joint diseases, fight depression, and prevent stress effectively

– Restores body energy, soothes muscle tension, relieves pain, eliminates toxins and helps you relax deeply.

– Helps treat insomnia, relieve frequent nightmares, and bring about better and deeper sleep

– Circulates blood, stimulates the body to excrete harmful substances, clears the meridians, helping the body get an abundant source of new vitality.

– Rock salt is also a great skin care ingredient (for both face and body). When regularly massaged with salt stones, the skin will be purified and deeply moisturized to become firmer and more radiant. This is a highlight that regular massage therapies cannot provide.

Himalayan salt rock massage treatment

Step 1: The customer lies on his stomach, cleans his body and has a massage therapist apply acupressure on his back to warm up.

Step 2: Use essential oils to massage the entire back to help reduce stress and increase relaxation effectiveness

Step 3: Place Himalayan hot stones on your back in certain positions to help eliminate toxins, support blood circulation, reduce pain caused by bone and joint diseases…

Step 4: Apply foot reflexology and massage both feet to create the most comfortable feeling

Step 5: Use hot stones to massage the entire body, from the back down to the legs

Step 6: The customer lies on his back so the specialist can massage the front of both legs and apply acupressure on the whole body.

Step 7: Perform a massage on both arms

Step 8: Massage the shoulders and press acupressure points on the head, shoulders and nape. Wipe your body clean and finish the treatment

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